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FRP pultrusion equip
FRP pultrusion machine hydraulic program control

Name:FRP pultrusion machine hydraulic program control


The movement of pultrusion machine uses the Japanese OMRON (Japan Sanken, Siemens, Taiwan Feng Wei) PLC controller, thus ensuring the reliability. HITECH interface (optional), temperature control with high precision, a double display meter, digital speed display. Logical action can write once program-controlled temperature can be in the adjustments panel. Once the parameter setting is completed, the whole pultrusion process can be completed automatically, so as to realize the automatic shut-off includes a high degree of automation.

I plant the production of hydraulic now pultrusion machine adopts an integrated circuit to control, reliable performance, low failure rate, electrical, hydraulic part uses the double power, hydraulic components are imported brands. Stable operation, long service life.


Category Name Hydraulic reciprocating Crawler Remarks


Model LJY-300 LJY-200 LJY-100 LJL-60  
Creel (length X width)m 4X0.6 4X0.6 4X0.6 4X0.6  
Dipping Cao (length X width X height)m 1.6 X1 1.6 X0.7 1.6 X0.7 1.6 X0.5  
The body part (length X width)m 10 X1.2 8 X0.8 8 X0.8 5 X0.6  
The clamping part (length X width)m 0.8X0.25 0.6 X0.25 0.53 X0.25 1.5X0.3  
The material receiving platform (length X width)m 2-6X0.8 2-6 X0.6 2-6 X0.6 2-6 X0.6  
The machine contour (length X width X height)m 16X1.2X 1.5 14X0.8 14X0.8X1.1 11X0.8X1.8 Without receiving station

The maximum section product size (width X height)mm 800X300 400X200 200X100 100X60  
Maximum traction force(kg) 30000 20000 10000 1000  
Maximum towing speed(mm/min) 1000 1200 1200 1200  
Maximum towing travel(mm) 500 500 500 500  
Motor power(KW) 11 8 6 1.5  
The heating power(KW) 12 9 9 9  
Gross weight of equipment(T ) 3 1.5 1.5 1  
Unit Price (Excluding freight costs not containing tax) 18Million 12Million 11Million 8Million